Here at the Golden Socks Club we’re not just providing your sock needs. We believe in cherishing the golden moments in life; quality time spent, the volume of words, receiving/giving gifts, physical touch and acts of service. 
We’re excited to shed light on moments that tend to go overlooked. Little moments spent with someone special to you, or even telling someone what they mean to you are what we call golden moments. But that’s just the surface. 
Where do the socks come in?
What was the one thing you always received for birthdays or Christmases? Socks. At that time we wanted toys, games, anything but socks. However, whenever we wanted to go outside and play or whenever it got cold and wanted to stay warm we grabbed a pair of socks. Plus, socks are important for the overall health of your feet absorbing moisture to keep feet free of bacteria and fungi. We wanted toys and games but we needed socks. 
That’s the gold, receiving what we need despite of what we want.